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Fretless teams up with TechPoint to launch Xtern Bootcamp.

Xtern Bootcamp

The software development community in Indianapolis is amazing. When the future Fretless team started working together, we became active in (and soon began organizing) local Meetups. The people we met and the attitudes we encountered defied every stereotype.

TechPoint has played a big role in getting the Indianapolis tech community to this point, and their leadership continues to ensure that Indy attracts talented people and great companies. Their Xtern program provides students with the best internship experience around, and it’s been hugely successful.

We’re thrilled to be working with TechPoint to write the next chapter in this story. Xtern Bootcamp is a 10-week summer program to help bridge the gap between college and career. Read the full story at TechPoint.

Fretless ♥ Indianapolis

At Fretless, we’re proud to call Indiana home. We are members of The Speak Easy and contributors to Verge. We organize, sponsor, or volunteer for The Indianapolis Ruby Brigade, Indy Hackers, Rails Bridge Indy, and re:build.

Get To Know Us

Co-founders Miles Z. Sterrett and Davey Strus have been spending too much time together since 2006, when they first teamed up in code and in music.

Miles Z. Sterrett

Miles Z. Sterrett

In 1997 Miles built a site dedicated to providing notation for popular guitar riffs. (It didn’t take off.) Having gotten his first taste of building for the Web, he later made it his profession, working in the exciting world of startups (some better funded than others) and freelancing. In 2007 he started working at the region’s largest datacenter, where he was forced to share an office with some bozo named Dave.

Building applications for the Web has long been a passion of his, though cultivating communities has become a new passion. Miles organizes The Indianapolis Ruby Brigade, runs Indy Hackers, and, once in a while, helps with the Indianapolis Javascript Society. He finds people to be even more interesting than the code he spends hours upon hours writing. That said, you’ll still find him glued to his guitar once in a while.

Davey Strus

Davey Strus

Davey began his first company in 1997. (It didn’t take off.) That same year he started his first band. (It didn’t take off either.) He then gave university the old college try, earning a degree in computer science (magna cum laude).

Java, .NET, and PHP gigs followed, at companies large and small, until attending the “Building of Basecamp” workshop in 2004 led to an obsession with the then-new Ruby on Rails framework.

He left development behind to become an Enterprise Software Manager, before once again devoting his energy to helping others build great products. And trying to play guitar as fast as Miles.

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