Writing With No Excuses

I should start a blog.

If you have any presence on the web, you’ve no doubt thought that to yourself at one time or another. Maybe you’ve talked yourself out of it, because you don’t feel like you have anything unique to say, and thus find it terribly self-aggrandizing to indulge in the notion. I’ve struggled with that myself. Thankfully, I’ve found a loophole: This is a blog for Fretless, not for me!

In the elapsed time since Fretless came into being, we have organized events, given presentations, mentored developers, and written content for other forums. So many times we’ve lamented that we had no official forum for sharing what we’ve learned with anyone but a local audience (unless we could share it in 140 characters or less). Just as the cobbler’s kids have no shoes, the web consultancy has no blog.

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